Robb the songwriter
25 years of song writing and full production in studio!

25 years of professional song writing...

I have a full production studio in my home,

Drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals, I do it all!

My bands and I have 22 CD’s on labels,

two vinyl releases and a lot more demos online!

My gift is turning your poetry into a song.

Acoustic or full production tunes come to life!

I take a poem, write the song, record the demo!

I have dozens of clients each year...

This is my side job to keep my gear updated

My clients LOVE the results!!!

Some get very emotional hearing a rad tune

with their awesome words.

Wife’s have gifted husbands,

I had one guy propose to his GF with the song...


I have written personal, spiritual, prose, beat

poetry, short stories, kids words, birthday stuff,

I can write any style, any vibe, any way you want it!

Rock, pop, indie, blues, soul, country, name an

artists you like and i can fashion the song to be

a similar vibe!

Getting a band to write and record a studio

demo cut would cost THOUSANDS of dollars.

You would need to pay the producer, the players,

the studio time, the mixing...

but i can do a song in a day for under $300!

It sounds great!

Acoustic tunes for only $150!!

So what are we waiting for?

Lets create a new tune!


Robb, Beautiful Job! Thanks for putting all the hours

into this. This is so much fun hearing my words

conveyed in such a cool touching way!

I’ve been on cloud 9, thank you Robb!

Robb this is so amazing, I blown away, I am shaking!

I didn’t know my words could sound so beautiful!

Dear Robb, the song was a massive hit! Thank you once again, you did a superb job for me! I will send you more materials soon!

Robb, I absolutely LOVE it! It is perfect! Thanks so

much! I just went and added another $150 to pay pal,

I was thinking that for this effort $150 was way too little!

So as you can tell my clients are really happy

with the poem to song results.

At this point i do a few dozen a year but i would

Love to expand to make this more of a full time

job. Lets do some work together... let me show

you how rewarding it can be to have your words

come alive in songs!!!

-Thank you for your time!

Robb the songwriter

PAYPAL portal...

select your choice and we can get started asap! Delivery times can be very fast but depend on my day job and band schedule. Allow anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks!



Anyone who decides to have me write a song using their poems must first use the pay pal portal to pre-pay for the tune. You can then EMAIL ME your poem and style preference or mood suggestions at:

After that I will begin the work as soon as time permits with the goal of having it finished within a few weeks (depending on my back log). I will send you an EMAIL of an estimated date that I can begin the work. Each tune takes me an estimated 1-2 hours to write, then a few more hours to record and mix an acoustic basic song or about 7-8 total hours for a full production mix demo track with live guitar, bass, live drums, keys, and mixing, I do all the parts myself and have a blast doing it... Its fun work!

So the day i start to work on your song i should have it finished and mixed and in your inbox as an MP3 by the next afternoon or evening, or at worst case a few days after i start. I do have a full time day job and a weekend band so there are times schedules get very full.

If you would like a full WAV file I can send that as well or i could send you a burned CD in the mail if you are in the US.

I will ask you first before making some minor changes to your poem... sometimes poems are just too long to be a song, so some cuts need to happen, or sometimes one line just doesn’t fit the rhythm and it is more simple to skip that line or two. In some cases keeping your poem on the shorter side is a better situation. 

ALSO please nothing political or anything angry or illegal or gross, please do not send negative energy poems my way. I don’t want to write about how much you hate someone or your ex who you can’t stand or anything like that... this is meant to be a healing and positive experience for both of us. If you want to write a healing song to get over someone or to deal with things in a positive way i will gladly help you with that! I wish to use my gift for love and healing!

Please note: art is a subjective thing, I will do my best to create exactly what you want, but it takes a lot of time and energy so there are no returns on the songs after delivery... it is like buying a piece of commissioned art work, by purchasing this you are agreeing to take that risk because you have heard my music and know i will deliver a great song! So far i have not had a client want their money back!

Last few important details:

All finished songs (as far as publishing are concerned) are 50/50 writers split. meaning credits are half me and half you! In other words, We are co-writers... If they want to put this song in the next Batman movie, and we agree... we SPLIT the publishing proceeds of the song. (this is very rare but should be stated for clarification, as movie publishing deals can be very large sums of money). That being said I will not shop your song, share it or display it anywhere without your permission. Who knows, maybe in the end we both make some good money with my music and your words! Might be the best investment ever right?

Okay lets do this! Send me your stuff, lets get to work on a new song!   -Robb the Songwriter